The books I read as a child pulled me slowly into the world of writing. First, the derivative, unfinished “novel” I attempted as fifth-grader, then the horrifying, angsty poetry of my teen years, followed by the daily rigor of my first writing job at UT Austin’s student newspaper, The Daily Texan. I went on to write for local TV news (failing to secure my dream internship at Newsweek!), but found my way back to literature after several years and earned an MFA in creative writing (fiction) from the University of Houston, where I came to see teaching as an integral and compulsory part of the writing process.

During my graduate work, I taught rhetoric and composition to undergraduates, led creative writing workshops for youth through Writers in the Schools Houston, and facilitated creative writing workshops for adults, including Houston teachers and a group of people recovering from traumatic brain injury. These experiences gave the writing experience a sense of community, a refuge from the loneliness that builds after sitting at your desk alone for hours and hours wrestling with words.

After graduate school, I left Houston for a year to teach English in Seoul, South Korea, and settled back in Austin in 2009, where I became involved in Badgerdog, the community-based creative writing program that is now part of the Austin Public Library Friends Foundation. I also began coaching and consulting for the first time with Write By Night, a fantastic resource for writers, and I began writing on a freelance basis for The Texas Observer, Austin Fit Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and’s blog The Daily Treat.

I continue my teaching practice today by training writers to lead in the classroom, by facilitating occasional writing workshops for outfits like Write By Night and VSA Texas, and by working one-on-one with individual clients to help them develop, complete, and polish their own writing projects. (Hear what some of them have to say about their experiences working with me.)

I’ve worked with aspiring and published writers to complete memoirs, academic books, and works of fiction. I’ve helped writers revise and re-envision books for children, works of genre fiction, and more. Whether you’re telling your own story or you’ve imagined entirely new worlds of narrative or you’re hoping to offer information to those in need, I’m happy to help.