I offer a variety of services in the categories below to help you achieve your writing goals. But you may need a combination of these services, or you may need different services at different stages of the writing process. I’m happy to tailor a support package to meet your specific needs.

Manuscript Feedback & Editing: You’ve completed a draft of your manuscript—whew! But the copy is still a bit raw and you’re unsure if the entire work holds together. I’ll provide feedback that identifies minor inconsistencies, areas of confusion, weaknesses in the draft, and priorities for revision. You’ll receive page-by-page feedback in the margins, as well as a conversation to discuss overall concerns in the manuscript. Estimates are provided based on length of manuscript and level of feedback required.

Copy-Editing: You’re in the later stages of revision, and you’re nearly ready to submit your work for consideration by a publisher. Now it’s time to for a complete clean-up job, top to bottom. I’ll make corrections at the sentence level to address grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and style errors, and return to you a clean copy of your work. Estimates are based on length of manuscript and level of editing required.

Coaching: You’ve envisioned a project, and maybe you’ve already begun the work of writing it into creation. But time is hard to come by and without hard deadlines or guidance, you seem to be moving at a snail’s pace and you’re not always sure if you’re headed in the right direction. We’ll set up regular meetings (at intervals of your choosing), where we’ll discuss newly completed work, outline next steps, and keep the project on track. You’re essentially getting an accountability partner who understands your goals and offers tailored feedback. Coaching sessions are billed by the hour.

Essay Development: Your child is applying to a magnet program, summer enrichment program, or college/university. We’ll work together to develop a strong essay from start to finish—identifying a compelling case or story, fleshing out details and supporting arguments, piecing together narrative and persuasive elements, and refining the copy for a professional look. Essay development sessions are billed by the hour.

Tutoring & Homework Help: Your child needs help understanding academic concepts, or he has trouble maintaining focus to get his work done. Or your child loves to write, and you’d like to writer to her her stay energized, inspired, and learn new techniques to enhance her skill set. I offer encouraging and supportive assistance tailored to individual needs to help manage assignments, demystify math and language arts concepts, or provide additional enrichment. Tutoring sessions are billed by the hour.